There are two levels: people who own things, and people who work for the people who own things.

Management and labor. You have your average joe who works a corporate 9-5 office job and you have the tough, loyal construction worker. But we are now in an age where people no longer have to use the traditional route to success, because now we also have YouTube stars, content creators and online businesses like AirBnB. The internet has changed our “factory” model, i.e. do as your told, show up to work on time, follow instructions, stick it out, become a robot. We are living in a world where we can be our own artists, if you try. And trying to be successful at something you really care about is inspiring even when you fail.

So, main point: there is an in-between. As Seth Godin says, there is a third level called the “linchpin,” or in other words, the indispensable worker. The person that wins by being more human and more unique.

Godin goes on to describe that we are all like “Hector,” businesses and employees alike, who stand on the corner and wait to get work from anyone that needs anything simple done with instructions.

We need to make our own instructions. “Live without a map,” is my new motto. We have been taught from the age of five, through school, work, and the system, to be average. “After years of being taught that you have to be an average worker for an average organization, that society would support you for sticking it out, you discover the rules have changed.”

If we want to achieve a New Dream, it starts with us. If we each become indispensable individually we all become apart of something bigger than ourselves. A revolution that frees us from the confinements of our current system.

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