I’m scared.

I’m moving even FURTHER outside of London. Rooftop parties overlooking the Gerkin are no more…..welllllllll, let’s not totally rule that out. On a real note, black cabs and 24 hour tube service are seriously no more. 

And on top of this extremely sad news, it also means I have to use my dainty, pale, only-used-for-typing-on-a-computer hands to move furniture. I hate sounding like a princess, because I am very much the complete opposite – hate pink, hate baby showers, hate Katy Perry – but seriously in this situation, what is a girl to do? 

Show me the money! This nifty site saved my hands and my pockets, I ordered a van for a very reasonable price and they’re going to do the heavy lifting too. Hallelujah, as Pharrell Williams says….and I’m happy clap along if you feel…da na nana nanaaa. 

Now that’s what you get living in the big city, a highly tech savvy CEO that creates an online platform to provide you with transport providers with the click of the button. 

So in honour of my move to the town of unknown white-washed fences, bright green grass and roads so safe that children can play in the streets, I am going to share with you a beautiful list of what I will miss about living in London, 

24 Hour Tube Service


Okay I’ll be honest, now that I’m a mum I rarely use this service because if I stayed out later than 11pm I would most likely fall off a cliff out of sheer exhaustion. A hungover mum is a dead mum. I – like Mista Fab – used to stay out until they kicked us out the club, and now I am ghosting it out the door around 9pm. I mean… you try drinking all night long and then going home to a baby that wakes up every three hours followed by a final waking at 6am to get up and go to work. NA UH. 

Victoria Park 

Solely because I have had so many good times here. I’m sure there will be other parks out there that I will love and who will love me back, but this one….oh She is a winner. I’ve been to many a festivals and BBQ kick backs, it’s as if I warped back into high school where we drank vodka jellies and played beer pong. Ahhhhh the good ole days.

Camden Market

camden lock

This place is so diverse and tasty – the food I mean. Go there on a Saturday and get the Mac n’ Cheese from the New York Mac n’ Cheese stall, you will melt into the floor. It is DELICIOUS. Cyber dog – a rave shop – also has a place in my heart. You may have a migraine after leaving this place but it will also make you throw your hands in the air and dance accidentally. 

Chinese Food in SOHO

It’s cheap and cheerful. I love it and I will always love it, and there is usually some break dancer or robot in the street to entertain you while you chow down on your chow mein. 


Full of bars, full of laid-back people, full of delicious cocktails and mixologists. The mixologists are key here. They make the town sparkle with freshly cut cucumbers and thinly sliced oranges and a ginger back full of alcohol that you can’t taste. These people are my God, how do they make alcohol taste SO good!

The BFI 


The BFI – or British Film Institute – is the best place to go for film lovers. Not only is it a really cool building that you can visit and chill out with friends in, but it also shows mainstream blockbusters to cult classics to one-off screenings of indie hits. 

There are many, many more things I could mention but I wanted to consolidate this into my top favourite places in London. 

I’m being slightly dramatic as even though I am moving to a …ahem….suburb (ah!), I will still be working in London so technically I could probably still do most of these things. : ) Doesn’t matter anyway, hopefully this will be useful to someone out there. 

***This post is sponsored by Shiply.

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